Bicycling along the Danube from Budapest to Belgrade

Participants:Min. 4 participants
Length:12 nights
Distance:600 km
Dates:15/04/2018 - 15/10/2018
Cost: € 935


Following the flow of River Danube through the Carpathian Basin between the Hungarian and Serbian capitals, the 600 km long cycle tour leads you through beautiful natural environments along the Danube. While you
pedal across the Great Hungarian Plain, Backa, Vojvodina and Srem, you will discover the little known intimate towns of rural area from Ráckeve to Mohács, from Sombor to Ilok, from Sremski Karlovci to Slankamen
and Zemun. You will not only enjoy riding on your bike in the scenic landscape of country, but you can learn more about the troubled history, the valuable traditions and thousand years old culture of inhabitants.



Day 1: Arrival

Individual arrival at Budapest

Day 2: Ride to Ráckeve (47 km)

Cycle out from Budapest along the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube branch - a water paradise of anglers and watersports - to Csepel Island. Arriving at Ráckeve, the paradise of lovers of fishing you will visit the sights of scenery town : the Serbian Orthodox church with Byzantine wall paintings dating from XV th. century. Accommodation in the famous Savoyai Castle, was built for Duke Eugene of Savoy, after he defeated the Turks in the battle of Zenta in 1697, ending a 150 –years Turkish rule of Hungary.

Day 3: Ride to Solt (58 km)

Ride along the shoreline of Danube side arm bordered with grass, reed and holiday resorts in many places. Pass Tass sluice and follow towards Solt on dike and discover the fauna and flora of calm river bank. From Solt you can make a detour to the ruins of Dunaföldvár Renaissance castle tower, was to defend the crossing of the River Danube.

Day 4: Ride to Kalocsa (51 km)

From Solt-Kalimajor you follow the asphalted cycle road along the Danube towards Harta. At Dunapataj make a detour to Szelidi Salt Lake, was formed from an old branch of the Danube. Follow your ride through small villages to Kalocsa, the town famous from its paprika, embroidery and high-quality folk-art. Visit the Archbishop's Cathedral and baroque Palace in the historical center.

Day 5: Ride to Baja (50 km)

Proceed on the dike without motor traffic along Danube to Baja. Baja is a picturesque town at the confluence of Danube and Sugovica rivers with many small islands. The multiracial town is keeping the cultural traditions of Hungarian, German, Serbian, Croatian inhabitans. Walk on the natural riverbanks, Petofi Island and Sugovica beach. Baja is often called as the capital of fish soup, you should not leave without enjoy the gastronomic experiences.

Day 6: Ride to Hercegszántó (55 km)

From Baja you will cycle along Danube to Mohács in a nice natural environment. Before you follow towards Hercegszántó cross the Danube by ferry and visit Mohács. Optional detour to the Mohács battlefield, where in 1526 the Hungarian army was defeated by the forces of the Ottoman Empire and great part of Hungary, came under Turkish occupation. Overnight in a hunting lodge, surrounded by oak woods of Karapancsa.

Day 7: Ride to Apatin (63 km)

Cross the border to Serbia. Cycle to Bezdan. From Bezadan you can make a detour to the famous Baracka Charda at Danube Bank. Continue to Sombor. Arriving at beautiful old town you visit the Carmelita monastery, the market and the renovated pedestrian zone in the center. Sombor was the place where the first asphalted street and cinema of the Balkans was opened in beginning of the last century. After Sombor you will return to Danube bank and proceed on dike to Apatin. The little town located at Danube.

Visit the new Orthodox Church at pedestrian area with a beautiful sight on the river.

Day 8: Ride to Karavukovo (54 km) or to Vukovar (57 km)

In good weather you can ride along the shore of Danube to Bogojevo. In case of heavy rain it is better to follow the main road through Silojevo, Sonta to Bogojevo. You will overnight in a hunting lodge at Danube bank near Karavukovo. Croatian version: Cross the border at Bogojevo to Croatia and ride to Vukovar. Overnight in Vukovar.

Day 9: Ride to Backa Palanka (71 km) or Ilok (36 km)

After breakfast you leave the hunting lodge and cycle on the dike of Danube toward Ziva. You can continue along the Danube to Backa Novo Selo or make a bypass towards Backa and visit the ruins of the old fortress, which was standing at Danube bank before the river regulation. By the end of day after this long trip you will arrive at Backa Palanka. The hunting and fishing center of area once was the suburb of Ilok. Follow of previous day Croatian version: From Vukovar cycle to Ilok. Overnight in Ilok.

Day 10: Ride to Novi Sad (47 km)

After crossing the border stop at Ilok, the easternmost Croatian town, the center of rich wine-growing region. Visit the castle overlooking the Danube and Franciscan monastery. Crossing the border again follow towards Nestin on the low traffic main road up and down hill on the right side of Danube. Cross the river at Banostor by ferry and ride on the left shore into Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina region. Visit the sights of town: Trg Slobode, City Hall, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Bishop's Palace, Orthodox Cathedral, Synagogue and colorful Dunavska Street.

Day 11: Ride to Surduk (50 km)

Leaving the town you can’t miss to climb up to Petrovaradin Fortress, with a wonderful view on Danube. Stop at Sremski Karlovci and visit the small and enchanting historical downtown at the feet of Fruska Gora, famous about its unique Bermet wine, served in local wine cellars. Follow towards Beska and make a detour to Danube riverside with the view of concrete twin bridge. Cycle you along the unique loess profile into StariSlankamen. The historical village located at Danube riverside near the mouth of River Tisza. Visit the ruins of roman fortress Acumincum or make a detour to the monument of Slankamen battle. Overnight in Surduk, an old Srem village.

Day 12: Ride to Zemun, Belgrade (50 km)

Continue on the main road leads on loess plateau to Belegis. Discover the pristine riverside area with loess cliffs. Follow on the main road and cycle through the villages to Batajnica. From here you will drive on the busy main road until Zemun. Discover the old town of Zemun around Gardos Tower. Drive along the riverside promenade with numerous cheerful vigorous restaurants to New Belgrade. The capital is situated at the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. Visit the pedestrian area of old town: Kalamegdan Fortress , Knez Mihailova Street, Republic Square. Overnight in Zemun.

Day 13: Departure

After breakfast individual departure by train or bus or airplan.


Budapestl Csepel Island Rackeve Dunafoldvar Solt, Kalimajor Szelidi Lake Kalocsa Baja Dunaszekcso Danube at MohacsM Zombor Apatin Ziva Vukovar Ilok Novi Sad SremskiKarlovci Stari Slankamen Banovci Zemun Belgrade
1. Budapest view from Gellért Hill
Csepel Island
2. Cycle path on Csepel Island
3. Ráckeve, Savoyai castle
4. Dunaföldvár castle
Solt, Kalimajor
5. Cyle road after Solt, Kalimajor
Szelidi Lake
6. Szelidi Lake, near Dunapataj
7. Kalocsa town center
8. Baja, Petőfi Island (Sugovica)
9. Danube at Dunaszekcső
Danube at Mohacs
10. Danube at Mohács
11. Zombor, Carmelite church
12. Apatin, Danube bank
13. cycle road, around Ziva
14. Vukovar, Danube yacht port
15. Ilok, view of Danube
Novi Sad
16. Novi Sad, Petro- varadin Fortress
17. Sremski Karlovci, well
18. Stari Slankamen, Acumincum
19. Banovci, loess plateau
20. Zemun, art cafe at Danube bank
21. Belgrade,

1 - 7     8 - 14     15 - 21



from April 15, 2018. to October 15, 2018.
Starting on any day.


Participation fee:

EUR 935 / persons sharing the double room
Single Supplement: EUR 205
Supplement of Croatian version: EUR 280

Extra night in Budapest with breakfast:

EUR 55 / person sharing double room
Single supplement: EUR 33

Extra night in Belgrade with breakfast:

EUR 44 / person sharing double room
Single supplement: EUR 22

Bike Rental:

EUR 130/ Person + cost of bike returning
Cost of returning of bikes from Belgrade to Budapest: EUR 240 for 4 bikes


12 nights accommodation in 3 star hotels or guesthouse with breakfast, daily luggage transfer from hotel to hotel, local tax. The price is valid for min. 4 person.

Tour Identifier: CYBB131