Classical Vienna - Budapest cycle tour

Participants:Min. 2 participants
Grade:Easy, Intermediate
Length:9 Days
Distance: 350 km
Dates:01/04/2018 - 31/10/2018
Cost: € 685


Our classical cycle tour starts in Vienna, the Austrian capital. You will ride all along the Danube bank, while you cross the Slovakian border and arrive the next capital Bratislava. Leaving the town you follow on the dike of Danube to Szigetköz Island in Hungary. From Győr you leave the River Danube and proceed across the Pannon lowland, Kisalföld to Pannonhalma then Bábolna. The path returns to Danube at Komárom fortress then turns back to Lake Tata at the foot of Gerecse Hills.Crossing the Gerecse Hills will arrive back to Danube at Esztergom and
follow the river from Danube Bend to Hungarian capital. On the road you will cycle through historical towns and nice villages with unique architectural and cultural treasures. The tour introduce you two UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hungary, the Millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma and the Buda Castle District and the view of the Danube banks in Budapest. (The unique fortification system of Komárom from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy is on the candidate list of future Hungarian World heritage sites.) You can discover the musical
heritage and modern cultural treasures of Baroque capital, Vienna; historic castles at the Danube: Hainburg and Bratislava, the rich architectural the spectacular architecture of baroque center of Győr, known as the city of meetings at the confluence of three rivers Rába, Rábca, the Bábolna National Stud a peculiar site of the world's horsing culture, which was established in 1789, the water castle on rock core of Tata once was the residence of kings, the ruins of medieval royal towns in the Danube Bend at Esztergom and Visegrád.



Day 1: Arrival at Vienna

This day you can discover the fascinating cultural heritage of Austrian capital. Do not miss visit the historic places: Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace, Stephansdom, Opera House, and Belvedere Palace and more. Overnight in Vienna.

Day 2: Vienna - Hainburg (54 km)

The first day on the tour takes you along the Danube river valley to the town Hainburg. On the road you can stop to visit the hunting castle of Eckerstau, the four tower baroque castle of Orth and the ancient roman settlement vicinity Petronell-Carnuntum. The route is almost entirely flat. You remain in Lower Austria but approach the Slovak border. Overnight in Hainburg.(B)

Day 3: Hainburg - Bratislava - Mosonmagyaróvár (58 km)

Today's ride brings you briefly through Slovakia via Bratislava with its historical old town center. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. Visit the castle and the old city center with many interesting sights of historical town (was also called Pozsony during the centuries it was part of the Hungarian kingdom). After leaving the town, you will cycle towards the border of Hungary at Rajka, and ride until Mosonmagyaróvár located at the confluence of River Lajta and Mosoni-Duna. The border town at the connection between the East and West is famous about its thermal waters. Overnight in Mosonmagyaróvár (B)

Day 4: Mosonmagyaróvár - Győr (44 km)

You will cycle through enchanting villages of sometime Danube Islands (Szigetköz) and proceed on the cycle paths to Gyor, situated at the confluence of three rivers: Rába, Rábca and Danube. The cycling route is broken up by small, farming towns, green fields, and forests. It’s worth to stop and visit the Castle with English park in Hédervár and make a detour and relax in the famous thermal bath at Lipót. The destination of today‘s route is the city of Gyor. This town, originally a Hungarian stronghold from A.D.900, has also a superb cathedral from the 12th century. Overnight in Gyor (B)

Day 5: Győr - Pannonhalma - Bábolna (51 km)

You will cycle today in this rustic, farming landscape, leaving the Danube's river flow. The first station today is the millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, was settled here in 996, is a valuable World Heritage site. You will visit the church and the library and you can taste the famous wines of historical wine district. Finally you will reach Bábolna, the village is famous for its horses. The famous Shagya stallion, whose offspring are highly esteemed all over the world, was bought to Bábolna from Syria in 1836. The Bábolna Stud Farm won the Grand Prize at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris.

Overnight in Bábolna. (B)

Day 6: Bábolna - Komárom - Tata (44 km)

Leaving Bábolna you will ride towards Komárom. After the Trianon peace treaty the Danube became a border river and divided the old, integrated town into Slovakian (Komarno) and Hungarian Komárom. Here at the two sides of the Danube you can find the remaining of greatest fortification system of old Austro - Hungarian monarchy, which was able to accommodate 200 000 solders. At the end of the section you reach Tata, the town of waters situated on Lake Tata with lovely atmosphere. Cycling paths around the lake make a nice add on. Overnight in Tata. (B)

Day 7: Tata - Esztergom (52 km)

Today the route goes through forested landscape with an ascent to cover but after that it is a straight run to Esztergom. You will need to gather your strength for this section. There are places where some hard pedaling is required, but the cycling is pleasant and the air on the hilly stretches refreshing, as you pass through forests and open woodland along minor roads with little traffic. Driving into the city center you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Esztergom environment, the river Danube and the nearby hill. You can admire the most monumental construction of Hungarian Classicism, the largest Basilica in Hungary, dating from 1822, which incorporates an earlier, renaissance church from the 16th century. Overnight in Esztergom. (B).

Day 8: Esztergom - Visegrád - Szentendre (50 km) or Budapest

Cycling along the Danube river valley gets you to the small town of Visegrád situated at the exit of a loop in the Danube in the Danube Bend. This historical town is a popular destination for excursions because of ruins of the royal palace and citadel and the scenery view of Danube Bend. You can take a trip up to the “Castle in the clouds” and enjoy the amazing panorama which unfolds your eyes. Cross the Danube by ferry to Nagymaros. On the other side you will cycle along the Danube Bank to the one-thousand-year-old Episcopal seat –city Vác. After crossing the Danube to the Szentendre Island, Continue on to the town of Szentendre with its many churches, galleries and arts.
You can travel another 20 km by HÉV (suburban train) to reach Budapest, the magnificent city, once a centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, boasts incredible architecture and its thriving centre offers many things to do.
Overnight in Szentendre or Budapest. (B)

Day 9: Budapest - Departure Day

You depart on your own today or add some extra nights to have more time to explore Budapest. (B)

Notation: (B) = Breakfast


Vienna1 Vienna2 Hainburg Bratislava1 Bratislava2 Mosonmagyarovar Hedervar Gyor Pannonhalma Komarom Tata Esztergom near Esztergom Zebegeny Visegrad Visegrad Vac Leanyfalu Szentendre Budapest Budapest1M
1. Vienna, Kohlmark Strasse
2. Vienna, Donau City
3. Hainburg, Danube cycle road
4. Bratislava, St. Martins's Cathedral
5. Bratislava, statue of St. Elizabeth
6. Castle of Mosonmagyaróvár
7. Szigetköz, Hédervár Castle
8. Győr, Episcopal palace
9. On the road to Pannonhalma
10. Komárom, Fortress Monostori
11. Lake Tata with medieval Castle
12. View of Esztergom Basilica
13. Danube Bank near Esztergom
14. Danube Bend at Zebegény
15. View of Visegrád Castle
16. View of Danube bend from Visegrád
17. Vác, from Szentedrei Island
18. Cycle path at Leányfalu
19. Szentendre, Greek Street
20. Budapest, Római part (Rumain Beach)
21. Budapest, view from the castle

1 - 7      8 - 14     15 - 21



from 1st of April till 31th October 2018


Participation fee:

EUR 685 / person, double occupancy

Single Supplement:

EUR 195

Bike rental:

EUR 110


Price includes: 8 nights accommodation in 3 and 4 stars Hotels, with breakfast, daily luggage transfers from hotel to hotel, detailed route description with maps and trips on sights, cultural highlights, scenic stops, hotline in case of emergencies. The price also includes local tax and VAT and valid in case of min. two Person.

Tour Identifier: CYVB091