West-Hungarian Bicycle Tour

Participants:Min. 2 participants
Length:4 nights
Distance:150 km
Dates:01/04/2018 - 31/10/2018
Cost: € 480


Taking part on this tour you will experience many attractions of Western Hungary: medieval towns and villages, magnificent palaces, romantic fortresses and castle ruins, healing spas and protected natural landscapes of forests, lakes and wetlands. The notable palaces and castles of the region: Sárvár, Kőszeg, Fertőd and Nagycenk.
Sárvár was a leading cultural and intellectual center of Hungary in the 16th century. The first Hungarian-language version of bible was printed here in 1541. The Turks attacked the Nádasdy castle more times, but they were beaten back. The pentagon - shaped Nádasdy Castle is one of the few Hungarian castles that were never captured by Turks. The castle is decorated with frescoes from 1653, depicting battle scenes of the Turkish wars. The museum depicts the history of castle and the town, includes the exhibit of hussar soldiers, old maps and printings.
Fortress of Kőszeg, the Jurisics castle is one of the best preserved castles in Hungary. In 1532 commander Jurisics defended the castle
against the attack of Turkish army led by Sultan Suleiman, Magnificent. After this defeat the Turks withdrew and abandoned their campaign against Vienna. Sopron is one of the richest Hungarian towns in historic monuments. The Fire Watch-Tower, symbol of Sopron was founded in Roman ages. Other important places of interest are the Goat Church and Storno House. The wine region Sopron is one of the most ancient wine growing regions of the country.
Do not miss to taste excellent "Kékfrankos" red wine of Sopron "Ponzichters". The beautiful Esterházy palace of Fertőd with 126 rooms (often called as the Hungarian Versailles) was built in the 18th century. That time the music life of Fertőd was admired throughout Europe. Jopseph Haydn was living here as the conductor of the palace orchestra for nearly 30 years.
The Széchenyi palace of Nagycenk was the home of Count István Széchenyi,”the greatest Hungarian” in the 19 th century. (He initiated the foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Science, paid the costs of the building of the first permanent bridge between Pest and Buda, the Chain Bridge).
The region is rich in thermal springs; you can relax in the baths of Balf, Sárvár and Bükfürdő.
The Fertő / Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Lake Fertő is a shallow, salt lake. The large grasslands and colorful meadows around the lake provides home for many species of birds.



Day 1: Arrival at Sárvár

Individual arrival. Sárvár is famous from its medieval castle and thermal water and bath. Accommodation in Sárvár.

Day 2: Sárvár - Kőszeg (57 km)

After visiting the museum in castle of Sárvár you will cycle to Kőszeg, situated on the western border of the country at the foot of the Alps. You will cross the ancient city Szombathely (Savaria). In Cák you can visit the protected Cák cellar row, comprising eight thatched cellars, in which there are viticulture exhibitions. Arriving at Kőszeg you will visit the historical castle, build in the 13th century. Accommodation in Kőszeg.

Day 3: Kőszeg - Fertőd (45 km)

You will cycle through little villages to Fertőd. You can find here the largest

Hungarian baroque mansion with 126 rooms, often called as the Hungarian Versailles. Accommodation in Fertőd.

Day 4: Fertőd - Sopron (42 km)

From here a cycle road leads to Sopron partly along the Lake Fertő. The Fertő/ Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape is a World Heritage Site. Sopron lies near the Austrian border, between Lake Fertő and the Sopron mountain, surrounded by the Lővér pine woods and vineyards producing superb wines. The town Sopron is rich in cultural historic and historic relics with a lot of interest. Accommodation in Sopron.

Day 5: Departure

Individual departure.



from 1th of April till 31th of October 2018


Participation fee:

EUR 480 / persons sharing the double room

Single Supplement:

EUR 120

Bike rental:

EUR 70


The participation fee includes: 4 overnight in 3-star hotels, in double room with bath or shower, with breakfast, maps, information material and luggage transfers from hotel to hotel.

How to get there?

Public transport services are available from Budapest to Sárvár and back from Sopron to Budapest or Vienna. On previous request we can arrange transfers to and from airport for extra costs.

Tour Identifier: CYWH051