On the paths of Mátra and Bükk hills in Northern Hungary

Participants:Min. 2 participants
Length:12 nights
Distance:165 km
Dates:15/04/2018 - 31/10/2018
Cost:€ 990


On this tour you will walk 165 km in the area of Bükk National Park, the Mátra- and Lázbérci Protected Landscape Area. The hills of Mátra and Bükk are part of Northern Mountain Range and attract visitors looking for rest, recreation, and sports all year round. Mátra with its natural beauty and growing number of recreation areas became the one of most popular destination of tourism in Hungary. The Mátra Mountains were
created by volcanic activities. The varied surface of mountains are covered with oak forests, beech groves.
Two of the highest peaks of the country can be found here: Kékes rises to 1014 metres and Galyatető to 964 metres, but the dominating height of its surface is 700-800 metres. The Mátra is relatively rich in water. You can find mineral water springs near Parád, waterfall in Ilona Valley, Sás-tó (Sedge Lake) near Mátrafüred and artificial reservoire at Csórrét.
The Bükk mountains built of various kinds of sedimentary and volcanic rocks. You can find here diverse geological formations: caves, gorges, plateau and sheer cliffs. The lush vegetation gives shelter to large number of animal species.
You will climb up the rocky summits around the Bükk Plateau at a height of 900 metres Istállós-kő (958 m), Tar-kő (949 m), Három-kő (889 m), Őr-kő (880 m) Pes-kő (857m) , Örvény-kő (774 m), Magos-kő (635 m).
In the Bükk you can walk along Szalajka Spring and Fátyol waterfall with crystal clear water and enjoy the special beauty of Hámori Lake and relax in thermal water of cave bath of Miskolctapolca.
There are many caves in Bükk. We offer you visit visit three of them:
- St. István cave, used for curing respiratory diseases
- Anna Cave with its unique calc-tuff formations
- Szeleta cave in Lillafüred
The prehistoric archaeological finds of Szeleta Cave, Istállóskői cave are world famous treasures.
The Uppony Mountains of Lázbérci Protected landscape area can be found around the Láz-bérc water reservoir, to north -west of Bükk Montains in a spectacular environment. The picturesque hills are sedimentary and volcanic origin. You can find here some of the oldest rocks in Hungary.



Day 1: Arrival at Galyatető

Arrive individually in Galyatető (964 m). Galyatető is one of the highest points of Mátra mountains and situated in the center of many beautiful walking path. There is a lookout tower near your hotel on the Péter Hill, from you can enjoy the spectacular views of the area. Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel.

Day 2: Galyatető - Ágasvár - Galyatető (19 km)

Wandering from the hotel Galyatető to Ágasvár and back. First walk along Piszkéstető, with a Mountain Observatory Station. Proceed to the picturesque villages, lie in the highest places in the country: Mátraszentlászló and Mátraszentisván, where you can find good ski-tracks, small country taverns and old churches. Follow the blue marked path walk along Mátrabérc (Mátra ridge) until Ágasvár (789 m). From the hill you can enjoy the excellent view. There is a tourist house at Ágasvár, where you can refresh yourself with a drink. Walk down through Csörgő (Rattling) creek's valley (Csörgő-lyuk, the largest cave of Mátra can be found here), with the ruins of a Mill to Mátraszentimre, the highest settlement of Hungary (835 m). Climb up Darázs hill (834 m). Walk through Bőgős meadow and on the joining paths beside Piszkéstető back to Galyatető.

Day 3: Galyatető - Mátraszentimre - Galyatető (18 km)

Walk on yellow line from hotel Galyatető through Málnás meadow to Nyesettvár (813 m). Proceed on Üvöltő bérc , then turn toward Szalajkaház. Walk to Gaskó meadow and climb up in direction Kis-Atal kő (785) and Nagy Atal kő (823 m). From Mátraszentimre trough Rubánya meadow to Mátra - szentistván. Cimb up to Vöröskő look out tower, from you can admire the panorama. Walk down Mátra - szentlászló and take the blue cross path towards Sebestényvár (783 m) to Galyavár (837 m) near Mátraalmás. Back to Galyatető.

Day 4: Galyatető - Mátrafüred (14 km)

Today you will walk down from Galyatető to Matrafüred. On the blue marked path you will walk along Nyirjes bérc until Csór-rét Reservoir. From there you can proceed on green line to Sástó, which is one of the highest lakes in the country (500 metres above sea-level). Here you can climb up the 50 m high look-out tower and enjoy the panorama. Finally you will arrive in Mátrafüred, the a popular climatic holiday centre, where you will overnight.

Day 5: Mátrafüred - Kékestető - Mátrafüred (13 km)

Following the blue + sign from Mátrafüred you will climb up to Kékestető through Benevár, Remete bérc and Jávoros. Kékestető is the highest point in the country with an elevation of 1014 metres and has an excellent clear air. There is a TV-tower on the top of hill, from you can see a unique panorama. Kékestető is one of the most favourite mountain holiday resort of Hungary . Walk down to Mátraháza village, a popular target of rural tourism. Walk towards Mátrafüred through Hórakó, Kecskebérc (684 m ), Ózon Hotel. Before arriving back to Mátrafüred you can still visit the observation sites of Hanák Kolos and Muzslatető (475 m).

Day 6: Mátraháza - Parádfürdő (22 km)

Transfer to Mátraháza. Walking along the ridge of the Mátra until Domoszlói kapu, through the hills Gabi-halála (772 m), Saskő (898 m), Disznó-kő, Markazi-kapu (672 m) Szár hegy(743 m) and Oroszlánvár (604 m). From here walk down Várbükk, then towards Ilona waterfall and down in the Ilona valley along the row of chestnut threes to Parádfürdő. In the old medicinal resort with open-air bath you can visit the beautiful park, Coach Museum of the Museum of Transport in Cifra stable and mineral-water collection.
Accommodation in Parádfürdő.

Day 7: Parádfürdő - Eger

In the morning you can make an optional trip to National Memorial Park of Recsk, where during the years of Communism a concentration camp was operated in the stone mine. Transfer to Eger. Get acquainted with the nice baroque town. You can visit here the castle of Eger, Dobó tér, Turkish minaret, Basilica, Baroque Lyceum with Library, Astronomical Museum and Camera Obscura. You can arrange a facultative evening program in Szépasszonyvölgy", where you can taste the famous wines of Eger with Hungarian specialties beside gypsy music. Accommodation in Eger.

Day 8: Bélapátfalva- Szilvásvárad (18 km)

Travel by train to Bélapátfalva (25 km, 43 min). Village Bélapátfalva is

located in the foreground of the gigantic Bélkő Mountain. Its famous Cistercian Abbey church was built in roman style in the mid 13th century. The five km long Bélkői study path of Bükk National Park starts here and ends at Bélkő (815 m). Follow the blue path you will walk along the rocky summits of Pes kő (857 m), Cserepes kő (823 m), Vöröskő until you reach the old trees of Őserdő (primeval forest). Cross the forest and climb up Istállóskő (958 m) the highest peak of Bükk Mountains. Walking down you can visit the Istállóskő Cave , was inhabited by primaeval men, the Fátyol Waterfall , Trout Lake and Szalajka Valley with crystal clear water of Szalajka Spring. Finally you arrive in Szilvásvárad, where you can visit here the famous stud-farm of Lipizzian horses.
Accommodation in Szilvásvárad.

Day 9: Dédestapolcsány - Bánkút (23 km)

Transfer to Dédestapolcsány. You can make an optional trip in Lázbérc Landscape Protection Area. Walk up Viz-köz hill (434), with a good vista point. Walk down to the nice village Uppony. From there follow the blue path along the shore of the Lázbérc Reservoir and return Dédes- tapolcsány, the starting point of your trip to Bánkút. Follow the blue path in direction Mályinka. First you will climb up to ruins of Dédesi castle (594 m), built after the Mongol invasion of Hungary. Proceed towards Bánkút (956 m). Bánkút is situated in the center of Bükk mountains, the largest ski resort of Hungary, a starting point of many tours in Bükk plateau.
Accommodation in Bánkút.

Day 10: Bükk Plateau (20 km)

Walking to the rocky summit of Háromkő (889 m) and Tarkő (949 m), the stones offer splendid view over the southern Bükk Hills. Proceed across the Bükk Plateau to the Nagy-mező ("Great Meadow" 900 m), the feeding-range of the Lipizzaner horse-breeding farm, then to Jávorkút (685 m), with a guest house in the picturesque natural environment.
Accommodation in Bánkút.

Day 11: Bánkút - Lillafüred (18 km)

Start with a short bypass to Petőfi look-out tower in Bálvány (956 m) and enjoy the odd view of Bükk Plateau. Proceed on Ördögoldal, Nyárújhegy (887 m), Kapubérc, Csikorgó to Szentlélek (Holy Spirit - 710 m), where you can visit the ruins of 13th-century Pauline monastery. The stones of Látó kövek (704 m) and Örvény-kő (774 m) with Jókai Lookout Point offer perfect view all around. Walk downward on the picturesque Három-kúti Valley and Garadna Valley. You can find an ancient iron furnace in Ómassa, the Őskohó (“Ancient Foundry”) where crude iron was produced .
Accommodation in Lillafüred (350 m).

Day 12: Lillafüred

Get acquainted with the sights of Lillafüred. Near the Palota Hotel you can find Hámori - lake, waterfall, Szt. István - cave, Anna - cave, Szeleta - cave, take a short walk to Molnár szikla (Miller's cliff) or climb up the famous cliff of the region, called Fehérkő (White Stone , 587 m). You can also make an optional trip to medieval, four-tower castle of Diósgyőr, built in the 14th century and was a resort place of King I. Lajos and visit the cave bath of Miskolctapolca and relax in thermal water. Accommodation in Lillafüred.

Day 13: Departure

Individual departure according the time schedule.



from 15th of April till 31th October 2018


Participation fee:

EUR 990 / persons sharing the double room

Single Supplement:

EUR 310


12 nights in double rooms with bath or shower in 3 stars hotels, half-board, luggage transfer from hotel to hotel, transfers of participants according program, tour description with maps.

Tour Identifier: WAMB131